The Braidy Tester

I help your team reach their full potential

Technical Leader and Mentor

I provide a technical backbone for your team to build upon and a vision for what to build. I know many ideas that do not work and some ideas that do. I share my technical depth by working with your team, by mentoring them both individually and as a whole, and by helping them achieve technical excellence.

Process Management Advocate

I help your team navigate the process wilderness to find the processes that work for you, individually and as a group. I help your team find the happy path where process prevents problems rather than causes them. I focus your leadership team on Important But Not Urgent projects and tasks.

Expert Tester

I work from a strategic perspective by focusing on scenario-testing your entire application and looking for the big picture problems missed by focusing on individual features. I guide your team as they incorporate new testing techniques. I help your team determine what needs to be tested and how best to test it.


I connect you with the rest of the world. I have contacts across Microsoft and throughout the industry. I know the tools they are building, the processes they are using, and the techniques they are discarding. I plug you in to this network and I help you build your own.


My hunger for knowledge means that I am forever experimenting, exploring, and experiencing. I infuse this back into your team and help you improve your testing, your developing, your processes. I help your team learn how to learn.